Mayorov A.V.

Title of article

Оn the concept of victimological combating crime



Issue, year

4 (34) 2015


Victimological combating crime is analyzed as a priority in the field of fighting crime. It’s noted that the lack of clear state policy concerning victimological impact on crime leads to difficulties when applying measures of victimological nature. The conceptual approach to the consideration of existing system of impact on crime is proposed.  It’s noted that in general the measures of victimological impact on crime form a “system of victimological combating crime”. The subjects of victimological counteraction are differentiated into general, special and individuals. The measures of victimological counteraction include social, economic, organizational, management, ideological, educational, technical, legal, preventive, scientific measures. The principles of the victimological counteraction system’s operating are named: legality; protection and observance of  the rights and freedoms of man and citizen; publicity; social justice and humanism; scientific validity; systematic, comprehensive, timely and adequate use of organizational, legal, social, economic, information and other measures. Victimological combating crime is considered as an element of the system of social control over crime and can be understood in broad and narrow (criminological) sense as relatively independent system operating in conjunction with other elements of the system of social and criminological crime prevention. Victimological combating crime is defined by the author as a separate type of combating crime consisting of a complex of state and social measures aimed at ensuring the security of the interests of citizens, society and state, protected by law through implementing victimological preventive measures carried out within the framework of victimological prevention of crimes and supporting a policy of social control over crime.


impact on crime, victimhood, victimization, victimological combating crime, prevention, fight against crime, concept of combating crime.


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