Kuzmin I.A.

Title of article

The specificity of implementing international legal liability in general-theoretical aspect


Methodology of law enforcement activities

Issue, year

4 (34) 2015


The article presents the dynamics of international legal liability, one of the most specific types of legal liability. Its distinctive features that distinguish it from other types of liability are revealed. The comprehension of objective legal liability (as measures of state coercion embodied in rules of law through forfeit of personal, property and organizational character which can be applied for committing wrongful act) and subjective legal liability (as a subjective responsibility of a particular offender to undergo measures of state coercion in form of certain deprivations for committing wrongful act) is differentiated. Stages of international legal liability implementation are characterized basing on the concept of dual (objective and subjective) implementation of responsibility, theoretical model of implementing legal liability, mechanism of imposing liability. The stages are as follows: a) initiation of proceedings on bringing to legal liability; b) preparing case materials; c) hearing of legal case and issuing the judgment; d) execution of the judgment; e) control over the judgment execution. Voluntary and involuntary forms of implementing international legal liability of states and international organizations are analyzed. The author examines the elements of internationally wrongful act (object, objective aspect, subject, subjective aspect) as an actual ground for bringing to international legal liability. The study reveals primary peculiarities of international law enforcement process within the context of procedural rules of International Court of Justice of the UN. It’s summarized that international legal liability manifests itself in various public relations regulated by international law and its implementation requires special research and more effective legal regulation.


globalization, objective legal liability, subjective legal liability, international legal liability, stages of international legal liability, mechanism of imposing international legal liability.


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