Section 1. Methodology  of law enforcement activities

Sharapov R.D. Complicity in the uncompleted crime  and the “failed complicity”

Biryukov V.V. Criminalistic forecasting, its significance in forensic science and the practice of investigating crimes


Section 2. Human rights protection

Yakushev P.A. Participation of the guardianship authorities in disputes about the upbringing of children: procedural formality or real protection of the rights of a child?

Pimonov B.V. Ensuring the right of the suspect (accused) to use the assistance of an interpreter


Section 3. Administrative delictology

Motrovich I.D., Vasilyeva N.L. Petty theft: problems of implementing the legal responsibility

Leshchina E.L. Measures of disciplinary and legal coercion in the system of the public service of Russia


Section 4. Criminal Law

Smirnov I.O., Ivanov R.S. Peculiarities of criminal legal counteraction to terrorist organizations


Section 5. Criminology

Dumanskaya E.I. Personal deformations as a criminogenic background for criminal behavior


Section 6. Penitentiary system

Belik V.N. Trends of law enforcement activities and legislation in ensuring the legal protection of the persons sentenced to imprisonment


Section 7. Law enforcement policy

Derishev Yu.V., Morozova O.S. Essay on the concept of optimization of the subject composition of criminal pre-trial proceedings


Section 8. Criminal рrocedural review

Spirin A.V., Zhuravleva N.M. Peculiarities of the prosecutor’s supervision over the summary form of inquiry

Abdulvaliev A.F. Hard to reach locality as a special geographical condition influencing the investigation of criminal cases

Dranichnickova N.V. Recovering procedural costs as a legal institution: the current state and directions for improvement


Section 9. Improving law enforcement practice

Kornakova S.V. Procedural autonomy of investigator: problems of implementation

Saetgareeva A.A. Peculiarities of the subject of proof when considering the criminal cases involving crimes committed by a criminal organization (criminal community)

Sergeev M.V. The concept of patrol police service: history and nowadays


Section 10. Criminalistic provision of law enforcement activities

Kupin A.F., Barinova O.A. Some aspects of the study of driving licenses of the Russian Federation and foreign countries


Section 11. Comparative studies and foreign experience

Sivakov Yu.L. Strategic human resources management in internal affairs bodies


Section 12. The problems of legal science and law enforcement practice: young researchers’ view

Oleynik V.V. House arrest as a measure of restraint in criminal procedure at the present stage

Kosenko A.M. Objectives and significance of the stage of initiating a criminal case: the questions of theory and practice


Section 13. Reviews, critiques

Mayorov V.I., Letaeva E.A. Review of the thesis by V.B. Bashurov “Administrative and legal regulation of the state civil service of the Russian Federation”