Section 1. Methodology of law enforcement activities

Belousov V.A. Defects of complex actual compositions


Section 2. Human rights protection

Ryabinin N.A. The aspects of understanding the subjective right to protection of civil rights

Mateychuk V.I. Protection of the rights of citizens from illegal actions of collectors to recover overdue debts


Section 3. Administrative delictology

Ravnyushkin A.V. The problem of bringing the offenders having the signs of intoxication to responsibility for refusal to undergo medical examination for the state of being intoxicated

Khametdinova G.F. Establishing the administrative responsibility of parents for improper upbringing of children in domestic law


Section 4. Criminal Law

Sharapov R.D., Minin R.V., Kapaeva Е.O. Cryptocurrency: criminal law aspect

Smirnov A.M. Criminal law impunity of a criminal act: to the statement of the problem

Salimgareeva A.R. Problems of establishing the legal nature of complicity in a crime in the Russian criminal law

Druzhinin S.V. Freedom of competition as an object of criminal legal protection


Section 5. Criminology

Nuyanzin S.V., Nuyanzin O.S. Information security of the person and some organizational and legal measures to ensure it

Morgunov S.V. The role of psychological determinants in the genesis of recidivism


Section 6. Law enforcement policy

Alexandrov I.A. To the question of the legal policy of the Russian Empire regarding the skoptsy sect in the second half of the XIX – the beginning of the XX centuries


Section 7. Criminal рrocedural review

Pautova T.A., Verkhoturova S.V. Issues of legal regulation of the orders of investigator and inquiry officer in criminal proceedings

Kornakova S.V., Shcherbakov V.A. Validity and motivation of the court verdict: criteria for differentiation of concepts

Belyaev M.V. On the motivation of judicial decisions in the criminal process


Section 8. Improving law enforcement practice

Egorov V.A. Disadvantages of legal regulation of the organization of investigation of frauds committed by using the means of communication


Section 9. Criminalistic provision of law enforcement activities

Foygel E.I. Criminalistic classification of advenals and its significance for the investigation of advenal crimes


Section 10. Comparative studies and foreign experience

Dyakonova O.G. The issues of making and maintaining the unified register of forensic experts in the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union

Byrdin E.N. Problems of federalism development in the Russian Federation and the Federal Republic of Germany: comparative legal aspect


Section 11. The problems of legal science and law enforcement practice: young researchers’ view

Galkin V.V. Peculiarities of the implementation of the principles of criminal law concerning
the insane persons

Muravyev M.V. The urgency of reforming the criminal procedural law of evidence

Roditeleva Ya.N. Privileges in the system of criminal procedure immunities


Section 12. Reviews, critiques

Morozov V.I. Review of the thesis by A.E. Kukovyakin «Exceptional circumstances as a ground for mitigating the punishment»

Sergeev A.B. Review of the thesis by I.E. Adamenko “Criminal procedure activities: bases and components forming the system”