Section 1. Methodology of law enforcement activities

Blazhevich N.V. Moral evaluation of crime as a methodological problem

Verina G.V. Property as the object of criminal law protection and the object of crime: the evolution of methodology and scientific thought


Section 2. Human rights protection

Golovko I.I. The amount of compensation for harm to rehabilitated persons: the concept and problems of legal regulation


Section 3. Administrative delictology

Sergeev M.V., Diser O.A. The regulation of inspection and examination activities carried out by police officers against individuals

Barinov A.S., Chirkov E.N. Conceptual bases of management in the sphere of ensuring product quality


Section 4. Criminal Law

Tkachev I.O. Controversial issues of  the criminal liability for fraud in the sphere of entrepreneurial activities

Baisalueva E.F. Topical issues of the qualification of falsifying evidence and results of crime detection activities

Tydykova N.V. On the problem  of differentiation of criminal liability for non-violent crimes against sexual inviolability of persons under the age of 16


Section 5. Criminology

Brazhnikov D.A., Kobets P.N. Women’s recidivism: some issues of its prevention by the internal affairs bodies


Section 6. Law enforcement policy

Lipinsky D.A. To the question of the structure of alternative sanctions in criminal law

Drobysheva E.N. On the legal positions of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation: theoretical and practical aspects


Section 7. Criminal рrocedural review

Chernova S.S. New measure of restraint in the criminal procedure legislation of  the Russian Federation

Yulberdina L.R. Court record as a means of fixing the criminal proceedings

Suprun S.V., Gorchakova E.V. On the expansion of procedural powers of the head of the inquiry body in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia


Section 8. Improving law enforcement practice

Belyakov A.А., Khamidullin R.S. Organizational support of the investigation of criminal case when concluding a pre-trial cooperation agreement

Andreev S.E. The specificity of conducting the surveillance operation for documenting the economic crimes in the field of railway construction


Section 9. Criminalistic provision of law enforcement activities

Belkov V.A. The way of committing illegal felling of forest plantations as an element of criminalistic characteristics of crime


Section 10. Comparative studies and foreign experience

Mayorov V.I., Dunaeva O.N. Formation and development of Japan’s state policy for ensuring the safety of road users


Section 11. The problems of legal science and law enforcement practice: young researchers’ view

Zakharchuk S.D. Is it possible to reconcile with the government official according to the criminal law of Russia?

Grigoriev A.I. Are the officials of the preliminary investigation bodies subject to challenge at the stage of initiating a criminal case?

Volkov E.V. Peculiarities of the crime scene search in cases of illegal felling of forest plantations


Section 12. Reviews, critiques

Shesler A.V. Criminal organization: disputable issues of the theory. Review of the thesis of D.A. Grigoriev “Criminal law characteristics of the liability for forming a criminal organization or participation in it”

Kolesnik V.V. Critical review of the proposals to optimize the legal framework for combating crime in the digital society