Section 1. Methodology of law enforcement activities

LIPINSKY D.A. Legal liability and irresponsibility as paired legal categories


Section 2. Human rights protection

BEZRUKOV A.V., SAVOSKIN A.V. Peculiarities of the implementation of the constitutional right of citizens to appeal in the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation


Section 3. Administrative delictology

DERYUGA A.N., SHAKLEIN S.N. The penological aspect of the insignificance of an administrative offence

GOROVENKO S.V. Administrative liability for violation of the requirements of the legislation on obtaining informed voluntary consent to medical intervention


Section 4. Criminal Law

MALYKHINA T.A. Criminal law characteristics of the elements of the objective side of the crimes provided by article 258.1 of the Criminal Code  of the Russian Federation

BELETSKY I.A. Illegal trafficking of ethyl alcohol and products containing alcohol: characteristics of the objective side


Section 5. Criminology

YUZIKHANOVA E.G. Crime trends  in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District


Section 6. Law enforcement policy

URDA M.N. Fictitious registration and migration registration in the context of intersectoral cooperation


Section 7. Criminal рrocedural review

CHERNOVA S.S. The interrogation of a minor victim: procedural aspects


Section 8. Improving law enforcement practice

RAVNYUSHKIN A.V., NAGORNY A.P., POPOV A.N. Problems of legal regulation and carrying out the external examination and personal search of an individual by police officers ensuring the protection of public order

ZABAVKO R.A. Differentiation of the criminal liability for not completed criminal activity when committing environmental crimes


Section 9. The problems of legal science and law enforcement practice: young researchers’ view

GORBUNOVA M.Yu. Principles of establishing and application of encouragements measures in the law as the basic rules of legal technique

SARANCHIN D.V. Object and subject of the crime provided by article 151.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

KHOLODNYAK I.V. Criminalistic characteristics of the theft of natural gas from a gas pipeline


Section 10. Reviews, reviews, criticism

MAYOROV V.I., LETAEVA E.A. Review of the thesis by M.Yu. Vodyanaya “Administrative responsibility of citizens for appearance in public places while intoxicated”

SUMACHEV A.V. Review of the thesis by T.R. Sabitov “Criminal law principles: concept, system and types”


Section 11. Special topic: Discussing the draft law

SERGEEV A.B. Critical analysis of the certain provisions of the draft federal law “On forensic activities in the Russian Federation”