Section 1. Methodology  of law enforcement activities

LIPINSKIY D.A., MUSATKINA А.А.Legal responsibility and irresponsibility, legal and national security: problems of correlation and systemic relations

BLAZHEVICH N.V. Cognitive criteria for the PhD dissertation of a lawyer


Section 2. Human rights protection

BOUSH K.S. On some problematic issues of the implementation of the mechanism of legal protection of honor and dignity of law enforcement officers


Section 3. Criminal Law

TULIGLOVICH M.A., KARAVYANSKAYA O.N. Grounds and conditions for conditional release from life imprisonment: conflicts of legislative regulation

PEREZHOGINA G.V. The issues concerning the criminal liability for the highest position in the criminal hierarchy


Section 4. Criminology

YUZIKHANOVA E.G. Illegal migration: social and legal conditionality and problems of counteraction


Section 5. Penitentiary system

KURBATOVA G.V., KUTYAKIN S.A., EGOROVA T.I. The main determinants and prevention of suicidal behavior among the persons deprived of their liberty


Section 6. Law enforcement policy

RYABOKONEV S.I., SERGEEV A.B. The interrelation of the quality of fight against crime and the level of professional education of law enforcement officers (by the example of pre-trial proceedings)


Section 7. Criminal рrocedural review

VERKHOTUROVA S.V., SOBOLEVSKAYA S.I. Physical evidence: some issues of theory and practice

YANIN M.G. Prohibition of certain actions as an alternative to detention


Section 8. Improving law enforcement practice

KRAVETS E.G., SHUVALOV N.V., MARTYNOV A.N. Problematic issues of the investigator’s work concerning the recognition of the real estate objects as physical evidence and attaching them  to the criminal case file


Section 9. Criminalistic provision of law enforcement activities

USMANOV R.A. Common mistakes when making the subjective portraits


Section 10. Comparative studies and foreign experience

ABZALOVA Kh.M. Peculiarities of the criminal liability for murder in the United States of America and the Republic of Uzbekistan: comparative analysis

SHMIDT A.А. Administrative and legal bases of the civilian weapons trafficking in Germany

PROKOPOVA A.A. Order proceedings in the criminal process of the Republic of Kazakhstan


Section 11. The problems of legal science and law enforcement practice: young researchers’ view

VANYUSHINA I.N. Book of honor in the system of rewards in the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation

NIGMATULLIN M.R. Problems of proceedings in cases, provided by article 6.1.1 of the Code of administrative offences of the Russian Federation

ZAKHARCHUK S.D. Problematic issues of determining the subject of bribery

BOYKOVA K.O. Peculiarities of appointing and conducting the forensic economic examinations


Section 12. Special topic: Problems of ensuring the punishability of torts

KOZHEVNIKOV O.A. The concept of a new Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation: analysis of certain provisions