Burko V.A., Maltsev O.A.

Title of article

Assessment of police work by the population of the Perm region


Methodology of law enforcement activities

Issue, year

4 (30) 2014


The factors influencing the population attitude to police work in different cities and areas of Perm region are analyzed. The material is based on the data of the public opinion polls conducted by experts of General Department of the MIA of Russia for the Perm region  together with members of the Public council under the General Department and sociologists of Sociological Monitoring Department of home policy of the Perm region Governor’s Administration. The public opinion poll was conducted in October, 2012 on the territory of twenty municipal areas of the region including the city of Perm. 1,200 people were interviewed, maximum error is ± 2.9 %. The main study’s objectives were the following: 1) to determine the degree of region’s population satisfaction with police activity; 2) to assess the role of factors influencing the degree of satisfaction with police work; 3) to determine the degree of influence of respondents’ experience of direct contacts with police officers on their attitude to law enforcement agencies; 4) to establish the dependence of police work assessment on the respondents’ residence. The basic indicators to characterize the attitude of Perm region population to police work are the following: the degree of population satisfaction with law enforcement agencies’ activity; dynamics of police work assessment compared with the period prior to adopting the Federal law оn police; police authority over population; the degree of population confidence to the police; assessment of police activity on maintaining public order. The conclusions are based on the results of sociological researches.


public opinion, public attitude to police work


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