Section 1. Methodology of law enforcement activities

Tonkov E.E., Sinenko V.S. The problems of structuring Russian law and legislation

Kornakova S.V. The question as an effective means of knowledge in the process of proving in a criminal case

Romanova V.V. Legal responsibility of the state


Section 2. Human rights protection

Toshev A.M., Boush K.S. Problems and prospects of the implementation of social and economic rights in the Republic of Tajikistan. The experience of the constitutional model of the Russian Federation

Lyannoi G.G. The security of entrepreneurial activities as an integral element оf the state security

Rudich V.V. Checking the reasonable suspicion when making the court decision on choosing the measure of restraint in the context of the resolution of the plenum of the supreme court of the Russian Federation of 24 may 2016


Section 3. Administrative delictology

Gorovenko S.V. Procedural forms of initiating proceedings on a case concerning an administrative offence: new draft – old problems

Сhuklova E.V. Procedural responsibility as a means of protection of the administrative process

Leshchina E.L.The main approaches to the understanding of the disciplinary responsibility: labor law and administrative law aspects


Section 4. Criminal Law

Khoroshilov S.A., Mayorov A.V. Illicit trafficking of goods and products without marking and (or) applying information provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation: problems of criminalization and differentiation of criminal liability


Section 5. Criminology

Brazhnikov D.A., Shiyan V.I. Identification of the motives of criminal behavior

Demchuk S.D. Is it necessary to fight against prostitution?

Yuzikhanova E.G., Kamenskikh O.V. Crime trends in the Sverdlovsk region


Section 6. Penitentiary system

Bochkarev V.V. Rational use of means of preventing new crimes committed by the convicts as a principle of penitentiary legislation


Section 7. Law enforcement policy

Kachalova O.V. The purpose of criminal proceedings in the light of the substantive law


Section 8. Criminal рrocedural review

Sidorenko M.V. Collision of criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation and other federal laws

Ogorodov A.N. The implementation of the procedural independence by investigator: theoretical and practical aspect

Greshnova N.A. The problem of the implementation of the adversarial principle in the framework of establishing the truth in criminal proceedings


Section 9. Improving law enforcement practice

Kostylev A.K. Geographically distributed information real-time system of the state inspection for road traffic safety of the MIA of Russia and its role in ensuring road traffic safety

Kaznachey I.V. Optimization of the conditions of the preliminary investigation by using electronic translator

Kocherova L.А., Kocherov Yu.N. The use of the mobile inspection complexes by police officers as a means of countering nuclear and radiological terrorism


Section 10. Criminalistic provision of law enforcement activities

Verkhoturova S.V. Some issues of appointment and carrying out the forensic examination at the stage of initiating a criminal case

Kuleshov R.V. The role of forensic study of writing to establish the author of the text in the investigation of crimes of extremist and terrorist nature: typical tasks, features of appointment, the ratio with related types of expertise


Section 11. Comparative studies and foreign experience

Shchukin V.М., Tagirov Z.I. Current trends in the development of the eurasian law enforcement cooperation in the modern geopolitical conditions (on the experience of law enforcement agencies and organizations of the european union)

Imanov I.A. Legal regulation of the activities of interstate institutions of the CIS member states on countering corruption: present state and ways of improving

Zakharchuk S.D. Criminal and legal protection of law enforcement officers in the CIS member states: comparative legal analysis


Section 12. Personnel, moral and psychological support of law enforcement agencies activities

Tatidinova T.G., Galkina N.Yu. Professional deformation of the personality of law enforcement officer: theoretical aspects


Section 13. The problems of legal science and law enforcement practice: young researchers’ view

Firsov A.N. Criminal law characteristic of the victim of knowingly false denunciation

Kargapoltseva N.I. Theoretical aspects of consensual legal relationships

Suvorova A.A. Implementation of the principle of the protection of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen when concluding the pre-trial agreement on cooperation