Section 1. Methodology of law enforcement activities

Blazhevich N.V. Professional reputation of the police officer as a methodological problem

Osipian B.A.  The criteria of lawful distinction between the concepts and elements of a civil offence (tort), disciplinary offence, administrative offence and crime


Section 2. Human rights protection

Guk V.A.  Implementation of the adversarial principle and the principle of equality of the parties in the rules regulating the civil proceedings

Ilinykh A.V., Smorodina O.S. Taking into account the opinion of the population when implementing the right to exercise local self-government in the context of the regulation of the procedure of creating the urban district with inner city division


Section 3. Administrative delictology

Novichkova E.E. Administrative investigation: problems, questions and prospects


Section 4. Criminal Law

Sabanin S.N., Lepihin M.O. The relationship between the concepts of “corruption” and “intermediation in bribery”

Galkin V.V., Morozov V.I. To the question of the criteria of insanity

Shatilovich S.N. Liability for crimes under article 322.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: issues of theory and practice

Michal O.A.,  Cheremnova N.A. Qualifying features of the organization of illegal migration

Petrov S.V. Criminal community and criminal organization: the questions of correlation


Section 5. Criminology

Merzlov Yu.A. Using the method of expert assessments during the research of the determinants of crime in small towns

Demchuk S.D. Prostitution as a criminogenic social deviance


Section 6. Penitentiary system

Teplyashin P.V. The effectiveness of the penal system: correlation of factors, levels, optimization of the execution of punishment in form of imprisonment

Zvonov A.V. Correlation between probation and punishments alternative to the isolation from society


Section 7. Law enforcement policy

Yurkovsky A.V. Constitutional and legal policy on combating crime  in Mongolia, Japan and the Republic of Korea: content analysis

Popova Yu.P. The presumption of the possibility of criminal liability of legal persons for crimes under article 184 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation


Section 8. Criminal procedural review

Cherkasova E.K. Grounds for suspension of criminal proceedings during the trial stages: the issues of legal regulation

Bravilova E.A. The object and limits of the judicial review over the actions and decisions of the investigator


Section 9. Improving law enforcement practice

Zagvozdkin N.N. On some problems preventing the improvement of the efficiency of pre-trial proceedings and ways of their solution

Kapustina E.G., Lymareva E.S. The characteristics of the law enforcement activities of the state inspection for road traffic safety of the MIA of Russia in the field of ensuring road safety: Russian and regional experience


Section 10. Criminalistic provision of law enforcement activities

Mazunin Yа.M.,  Sychev A.L. Classification of ways of committing fraud when receiving the maternity (family) capital

Yanin S.А. On the question of the organization of the investigation of crimes in the sphere of agro-industrial complex

Yakovlev D.Yu. To the question of forming the conceptual foundations of the conceptual foundations of the forensic biological examination


Section 11. Comparative studies and foreign experience

Siegmunt O.A. Safety, security and cyber crime in Germany


Section 12. Personnel, moral and psychological support of law enforcement agencies activities

Gusak V.A. Participation of the soviet militia in military-patriotic activities during the Great patriotic war (1941-1945)

Garmanov V.M. Improving the methodological support of the educational programs in the educational institutions of the Ministry of the interior of the Russian Federation by using practical situational tasks


Section 13. The problems of legal science and law enforcement practice: young researchers’ view

Santashova L.L. Organizational and legal problems of the transfer of persons sentenced to deprivation of liberty for serving sentence in the state of their citizenship


Section 14. Reviews, critiques

Lazareva V.A. Review of the monograph by L.A. Shestakova “Implementation of the concept of juvenile justice in the proceedings concerning the cases of minors in the Russian Federation”

Sakharova E.G. Review of the thesis of O.P. Berdnikova “The features of investigation of robberies and brigandages, committed by organized groups”