Section 1. Methodology of law enforcement activities

Mal’ko A.V., Bogatyrev N.V. Reforming the Notary Institute in the context of strengthening the protective impact of law

Tyabina Yu.A. Legal facts at the stage of executing a sentence

Serova O.A. Interdisciplinary interaction of the institutions of the requisition and confiscation of property: criminal and civil law aspects


Section 2. Human rights protection

Burdzhuev R.F., Sevryugin V.E. Conflicts of administrative liability for illegal employment of foreign citizens and stateless persons in the Russian Federation


Section 3. Criminal Law

Bugera N.N. The relationship between the concepts “involvement” and “inducement” in Russian Criminal Law

Tydykova N.V. Infecting the victim with a sexually transmitted disease or HIV as aggravating circumstance: criticism of criminal law


Section 4. Criminology

Meltonyan R.M. Exemption from criminal liability: criminological validity of law


Section 5. Penitentiary system

Grishko A.Ya. The efficiency of the post-penitentiary adaptation and the administrative supervision: analysis of the interrelation

Epifanov S.S. Technical means to counter prison crime: requirements for the system

Badamshin I.D., Shakhmaev M.M. Defining the criteria of the correction of convicts released on parole


Section 6. Law enforcement policy

Alexandrova I.A. New directions of criminal policy on combating economic crime (under the conditions of anti-Russian sanctions)

Rozenko S.V. Rehabilitation of Nazism: new grounds of criminal liability

Yaroslavtsev S.F. The concept of environmental and legal policy in the sphere of motor transport relations (environmental aspect)


Section 7. Criminal рrocedural review

Derishev Yu.V., Zemlyanitsin E.I. Procedural status of the person against whom a preliminary verification of reporting a crime is conducted

Zavodnova S.V. The duties of government entities in criminal proceedings, aimed at ensuring the rights of its participants

Stelmach V.Yu. The legal nature, participants and procedural order of verification of testimony on-site


Section 8. Improving law enforcement practice

Alekseev V.V., Pestruilova N.N. Is it possible to conduct the experiment in crime detection without provocation of crime?

Toldiev A.B. Modern emergency dispatch center of the internal affairs bodies – what should it be?

Schmidt A.A. Logical errors of gun legislation: view of law enforcer


Section 9. Criminalistic provision of law enforcement activities

Shuvalov N.V., Martynov A.N. Falsification and dramatization using a legal entity when committing fraud in lending


Section 10. Comparative studies and foreign experience

Hrabetova Ya. The death penalty in the XXI century: the results of public opinion research in the Czech Republic

Zhukokova N.K. Comparative legal characteristic of selection of judges in the Russian Federation and in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Kanunnikova N.G. Foreign experience of combating international extremism and terrorism


Section 11. Personnel, moral and psychological support of law enforcement agencies activities

Yakovleva I.V. The defects of legislative regulation and the practice of the judiciary formation


Section 12. The problems of legal science and law enforcement practice: young researchers’ view

Bimbinov A.A. The mental element of sexual intercourse and other sexual acts with a person under the age of sixteen

Kaznachey I.V. Notification of participants in criminal proceedings through modern technical means of communication

Bobkov Ya.I. The legal status of the protected person in the contemporary Russian criminal proceedings