Section 1. Methodology of law enforcement activities

Lipinsky D.A. The principle of unavoidability of legal liability from the position of its two-aspects understanding

Shklyaruk M.S., Rabovski Yu.V. Opportunities of empirical method of studying the law enforcement practice (by the example of investigating typical criminal cases)


Section 2. Human rights protection

Meshcheryakov A.N. Powers of senior officials of the Russian Federation regions in the sphere of ensuring martial law regime

Sabitova A.A. Prospects of developing administrative proceedings as a garantee of protecting rights of citizens of Kazakhstan

Salnikov E.V. Requirements for communication of traffic officers with drivers in view of their ethnicity and religious orientation


Section 3. Criminal Law

Borovskikh R.N. Payments fraud and insuarance fraud: problem issues of classification

Bugera N.N. Criminal legal assessment of the employment of weapons or items used as weapons

Zabavko R.A. The concept and system of crimes against environmental components and established rules for their use


Section 4. Criminology

Sachek A.G. Principles of criminological modeling (by the example of ensuring economic security in Belarus)


Section 5. Penitentiary system

Peremolotova L.Yu. Importance of personality characteristics of convicts when exerting preventive influence


Section 6. Law enforcement policy

Leshchina E.L., Schmidt A.A. Administrative legal policy of ensuring observance of the regulations on circulation of civilian weapons and ammunition

Pavlichenko N.V., Samodelkin A.S. Prospects of developing the Crime detection legislation (analysis of the draft of the Federal law “Crime detection code of the Russian Federation”)


Section 7. Criminal рrocedural review

Belkin A.R. Procedural problems of confrontation

Pastukhov P.S. On the issue of giving equal rights to the parties in collecting evidence for a criminal case

Butaev M.Ya. Use of the detective activities’ results in proving when investigating cases оf terrorist crimes

Karimova S.S. Inquiry officer and investigator should be empowered to impose monetary penalty


Section 8. Improving law enforcement practice

Mitkov V.N. Detective counteraction to crimes commited by foreign citizens under the conditions of international cooperation

Khisamova Z.I. Classification of infringements committed through the use of electronic means of рayment


Section 9. Criminalistic provision of law enforcement activities

Malykhina N.I. Criminalistic characteristic of crime and information model of crime: correlation of the concepts


Section 10. Comparative studies and foreign experience

Kolosovich M.S. Conducting of undercover investigative actions according to the Criminal Procedure Codes of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Yuldoshev R.R. Exercising of the Тajik courts’ powers to initiate сriminal proceedings: statistics and facts


Section 11. Personnel, moral and psychological support of law enforcement agencies activities

Ravnyushkin A.V. Judicial practice concerning disputes over dismissal from service for commiting misconduct, tarnishing reputation of law enforcement officer (commission of crime)

Igoshin N.A. On the issue of scientific and methodological support of professional law enforcement training


Section 12. The problems of legal science and law enforcement practice: young researchers’ view

Botvin I.V. Problems of distinguishing infliction of property damage through false pretence or abuse of confidence from fraud and its types

Tutikova I.A. Еxtrajudicial order to resolve complaints of the participants of criminal procedural relations: ways of efficiency improving

Samiev N.M. Conducting of investigations for suspended cases of unsolved crimes: planning, features, efficiency

Didrikh M.P. On the issue of sufficiency of police powers in the field of protecting minors from domestic violance


Section 13. Reviews, critiques

Gerasimenko Yu.V. Organizational and legal mechanism to ensure constitutional rights and freedoms of man and citizen under conditions of cooperation between police and civil society institutions in the Russian Federation: dissertation review